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A Dynamic Civil Litigation & Appellate Practice Serving Maryland and the District of Columbia





Civil Litigation is a broad term that generally refers to a legal dispute between two or more parties where money damages and/or equitable remedies are sought by one party against another.  Not all civil litigation matters necessarily require judicial intervention and disputes are often resolved informally through negotiation or mediation
Courts of Appeal review what transpired in a lower court to determine whether proper procedures were followed and/or the law was properly applied.  Mr. Kiviat's appellate experience includes appeals made to state and federal appellate courts, including the United States Supreme Court.
Mr. Kiviat is a seasoned advocate for his clients in residential and commercial real estate disputes.  Mr. Kiviat has represented individual homeowners, homeowner's associations, and residential developers in a myriad of common ownership association disputes and has wide ranging experience representing individuals, businesses, builders, developers and insurers in construction and real estate related disputes.
Mr. Kiviat also has wide ranging experience negotiating and drafting commercial construction contracts and has personally negotiated over $40,000,0000 in contracts for the renovation of commercial properties throughout the United States.
Mr. Kiviat has defended local governments in civil actions challenging local zoning laws, prosecuted local zoning laws for local governments, and has advocated for both plaintiffs and defendants in litigation relating to municipal code enforcement.
Mr. Kiviat has represented policy holders, public adjusters, and insurers in disputes and resulting civil litigation relating to both commercial and residential insurance claims, including litigation for bad faith claims handling.
When it is your business' money, time and good name on the line, it really does matter who is championing your cause. With over twenty years experience, Mr. Kiviat is well positioned to provide his commercial clients with dynamic legal solutions to effectively (and efficiently) defend their business interests.


A seasoned civil litigator, Mr. Kiviat began his legal career in California, where he honed his skills litigating inside the nation's largest court system - the Los Angeles County Superior Court. While practicing in California, Mr. Kiviat's efforts for his clients resulted in two jury verdicts that awarded punitive damages, including a multimillion dollar verdict against movie director Peter Bogdanovich.  After returning home to Maryland (Mr. Kiviat grew up in Montgomery County and is a 1985 graduate of Winston Churchill High School), Mr. Kiviat practiced at two of Maryland's largest law firms (Venable LLP and Shulman, Rogers, Gandal, Pordy & Ecker, PA) before founding KIVIAT LAW LLC in 2012.
From case onset through discovery and trial, Mr. Kiviat brings with him a keen ability to recognize and account for critical issues before they develop. Combined with a practical understanding of the technical and legal issues that encompass the areas within which he practices, Mr. Kiviat is well positioned to champion his client's interests with dynamic legal solutions that provide the best strategy for success.


Maryland, District of Columbia, California

U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland

U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California

U.S. District Court for the Central District of California

U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit


22505 Gateway Center Drive #532, Clarksburg MD 20871


Tel:  240-200-4049



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Although KIVIAT LAW LLC is happy to have you contact the firm by telephone, surface mail, electronic mail or facsimile transmission, merely contacting KIVIAT LAW LLC does not create an attorney-client relationship until an agreement has been reached between you and KIVIAT LAW LLC to handle a particular matter. While KIVIAT LAW LLC would like to hear from you, the firm cannot represent you, or receive any confidential information from you, until KIVIAT LAW LLC knows that any proposed representation would be appropriate and acceptable, and would not create a conflict of interest. Because there is no attorney-client relationship, the fact that you may contact the firm does not mean that KIVIAT LAW LLC cannot represent an opposing party in the matter you are inquiring about. Accordingly, please do not convey to KIVIAT LAW LLC any confidential information until a formal attorney-client relationship has been established. Any information you convey to KIVIAT LAW LLC via the internet or other means may not be secure, and you should not consider information conveyed prior to establishing an attorney-client relationship privileged or confidential.


The materials on the KIVIAT LAW LLC website are provided for informational purposes only and do not constitute legal advice on any matter. KIVIAT LAW LLC assumes no responsibility for the accuracy or timeliness of any information provided herein. The reader should not under any circumstances rely on, or act on the basis of, the materials on this website. These materials and information are not a substitute for obtaining legal advice from the reader's own lawyer in the appropriate jurisdiction or state. Any information contained on this website with respect to results obtained by Theodore B. Kiviat is not meant to indicate that the same or similar results can or will be obtained in other cases or situations.  Results will vary depending on the facts and circumstances of each individual matter.  Prior results do not warrant or guarantee a similar outcome. References to past or present clients or circumstances of their specific matters do not constitute testimonials or endorsements by such clients, nor are they a guaranty, warranty or prediction of the outcome of your legal matter.

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KIVIAT LAW LLC is the civil litigation and appellate practice of Theodore B. Kiviat, a veteran of two of Maryland's largest law firms. In founding KIVIAT LAW LLC, Mr. Kiviat sought to leverage over two decades of practical experience to create a law practice committed to delivering exceptional legal services within a values system that still views the practice of law as a profession. With KIVIAT LAW LLC's client-first attitude, open communication is a priority, responsiveness is sacrosanct, and efficiency and value to the client are paramount.


Whether zealously advocating for his clients in the litigation/appellate arena or providing exceptional representation and counsel outside the courtroom, Mr. Kiviat is well positioned to champion his clients' interests with dynamic legal solutions that offer the best strategy for success.



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